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Set up a Watch

Firstly, please check to ensure there is not a scheme already in your area by clicking here. You must next ask yourself why you wish to set-up a scheme. The following points may help you find direction:

  • It is a good way to ensure that your peaceful neighbourhood remains that way.
  • You may be able to get a discount on your contents insurance.
  • You will be able to challenge (on behalf of NHW) anyone who you think is acting strangely.
  • You will get crime prevention news and advice from the Police.
  • You will improve the lifestyle of your neighbourhood.

So first of all you should do a bit of canvassing of your neighbours to see if any are interested, and more to the point if any would like to act as a Co-ordinator for your scheme. If you get a consensus, then get in touch with the RNWA Chairman or your local beat officer or PCSO to get some initial advice.

What happens next? You should register with Aldershot or Farnborough Police. The police (and possibly the RNWA Chairman) will arrange to see you to provide you with a starter pack. If you want NHW signs (recommended) then contact the RNWA Chairman. And that's about it! It is always nice to try and organise an inauguration ceremony in your community where you can erect your NHW signs, and distribute the literature. It is then a matter of setting-up your communication channels. We would strongly advise email, but (of course) we don't all have that, so you might want to organise leaflet distribution co-ordinators so you can spread the load of leafleting.

Then finally come to the twice-yearly meetings. Coordinators Meetings are held twice a year (Spring and Autumn). It is an opportunity for all watch co-ordinators in Rushmoor to meet in person with the Police, Rushmoor Borough Council, Local Councillors and other agencies to discuss issues and achievements. Coordinators Meetings consist of a series of short briefings and presentations, followed by a general forum for discussion.


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